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Skedevi Hembygdsförening / Skedevi Parish Historical Society 

Skedevi is a Swedish parish (”socken” in Swedish) located in the northernmost part of Östergötland province . Nearest cities are Norrköping to the south and Katrineholm to the east.

The current parish church, located on a hill adjacent to the lake Tisnaren, stems from the 15th century. There was an earlier wooden Church at the same location, probably as early as the beginning of the 13th century.

Skedevi parish is a rural community with large forest areas and many lakes. Farms were established in the middle ages, normally near the lakes. In the 17th century the small rivers were used for mills and iron manufacturing. At Hävla the old hammer smith factory (now a museum) stems from 1682.  This old iron factory has since been followed by a modern industry, Häfla Bruks AB.  At Rejmyre a successful glass factory was set up in 1810 producing high quality glassware.

The historical society of Skedevi was organized in 1959 and has its main activity at Käxelvik in a wooden building which for many years used to be the home of the church curate. Käxelvik was mentioned in old documents already around 1375. It is now a museum, maintained and owned by the society.

If you are looking for further information about Skedevi we would be happy to help out.  In the above list of content (Meny) you will also find digitalized church records for our parish under the heading "Skedevi kyrkoböcker". 


In the late 1800´s many people in Sweden emigrated, so also from Skedevi. If you have any ancestry connections to our parish we may be able to help by giving background information about homesteads and people in the area. Just contact us on [email protected]

A survey of all (or practically all) emigrants from Skedevi is available under a separate heading on this site.  




Skedevi Hembygdsförening

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