Madesjö Church Stables

The new church stables that were completed in 1880, were together 700 meters long with space for 500 horses divided into 250 stables. The doors of the stables were turned outwards toward the road in an attempt to make it more difficult for the riders to hide their drinking. What remains of the stables is now a Homestead Museum.

As early as the 1700s there was some form of church stable beside Madesjö Church. These were shed-like buildings and the clergy complained that they had a view of the ‘goings-on’ at the stables from the pulpit in the church. The church stables were completed in 1880. There were 7 buildings in total, alongside the 4 roads leading up to the church. They were 700 hundred meters long with space for 500 horses. In time parts of the stables were torn down. When Orsjö had a parish of its own their stables soon became dilapidated. During WW II the wood was needed as fuel. The southern and northern stables are well preserved and were restored during the 1950s. The southern stalls, within which Madesjö Old Homestead Museum lies, is Sweden’s longest wooden building. Among the property owned by the museum there are a few rather unique places that have been rebuilt and which visitors can visit.




Madesjö-Örsjö-Kristvalla hembygdsförening

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