About Vindelns Hembygdsgård in English


The Heritage Museum is owned and operated by Vindelns Hembygdsförening. It was founded in 1935 with the aim of collecting buildings and objects from the entire municipality to show what a farm in the then Degerfors parish could look like. Everything was gathered to the beautifully situated area on ”Brånet”, where the old Degerfors village used to be. The area consists of about 15 buildings, most of them from the early 1800s. The Heritage Museum is one of the county’s finest of its kind. Here you will also find a lot of old fine objects.

During summer, The Heritage Museum arranges activities for all ages. In addition to being open for viewing, the museum hosts midsummer celebrations, craft days, school activities and the rural and harvest market, and more.



Vindelns Hembygdsförening

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