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In Virestad homestead society, we have many experienced and skilled practitioners of genealogy.  There is also a large amount of people with good local knowledge and a good memory, who are happy to talk about earlier times.

Within the association, we now intend to build a network, designed to help and share information, both within the group as well as with others who are seeking their roots in our district .

There is a great interest for a constellation of this kind.
The project is still in its infancy, and will hopefully be implemented in the fall of 2014. The idea is that we genealogists shall create a forum where we have a certain overview of who has been researching the various tribes and villages, and that of course we get together occasionally and have a nice time and exchange experiences.

Via the website we receive many inquiries , especially from other countries, where the author is rooted in Virestad. These contacts have in some cases even resulted in us getting long distance visits , and there has been great joy and gratitude for our fine way to welcome them. With a network, chances are even greater that we can ”pair” our nonresidential genealogists with someone who has the same ancestry , which can provide many nice results.