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 Styrsö – an island worth exploring and enjoying


Already in the stone-age here were living people who collected fish and shellfish from the rich coastal supply. From the warm bronze-age we find remains from the people who were living here – perhaps all year around. From that era we have Stora Rös and a settlement (today hidden) on the southern part of the island.

The Swedish king Gustav Vasa supported in the 16:th century the establishment on the island of a farming/fishing society, who could deliver fish to the citizens in the predecessors of Gothenburg further up the river Göta Älv. The rich herring periods in the centuries to come brought temporary boosts, but the conditions for the islanders in between were poor. In the 19:th century coastal shipping was established and on Bratten there were established businesses with curative baths as subject, like in many other coastal resorts, where high society life took place in fancy summer hotels/restaurants.
       Styrsö is today a most idyllic place, but also a suburb with many commuters. Our nature is unique, with almost no ordinary cars!


In the beginning of the 19:th century the Öberg family took over the herring salting factory which was situated by the sea and started an inn – Café Öbergska today. In the end of that century a spa company was formed, when also wealthy people built fancy summer houses nearby. The Arbores Society organized planting of trees in the nearby park for recreation and they are still active organizing amongst others the great Midsummer festivities on Bratten. Today there are a pub and a traditional retro-café as well as a guest harbor and a bath at a beach 200 meters further to north.

The Church-village

The earliest village of a certain scale is situated around the present church. Here in the centre of the village shops and craftsmen were gathered. Southwest of the Village (Byn) is the Large Meadow situated, where the villagers cultivated crops and kept animals. Over 100 Salt marsh lambs are still grazing here. One of three larger vegetable centres was established here in the 18:th century.


Down at southwest the freight skippers built their somewhat fancier villas, which are easy to recognize even today. On the road down to the harbor lies the oldest house on Styrsö, a red painted front chamber cottage on the left side.


In the old days Tången was a separate part of the island and the houses were built very near each other, like in many similar fishing communities in Bohuslän. Enjoy the carefully renovated old fishermen’s houses along the narrow alleys. The fishing trawlers which crowded the old port moved in 1960 to the new port of Sandvik, but even there only one or two steel trawlers has endured the transformation of fishing methods. The guest harbor in Sandvik is well equipped with a new petrol station and is well protected from heavy sea. It is possible to enjoy salt water bathing from softly shaped cliffs.

 View to the south from Stora Rös

Where to eat?

At Styrsö Skäret, Pensionat Skäret offers well-prepared food of high standards. On Bratten is a year-around open inn/pub with seating both indoors and outdoors. Here is also Café Öbergska – also with in- and outdoor seating in summer days. Imagine to sit in the herb garden and enjoy the sight and smell of the cultivated herbs! In Tången is Båtebacken with in- and outdoor places, who serves easy food, in winter time not open.


Pensionat Skäret has 13 double rooms, there is also Styrsö Bed & Kitchen (3, between Tången and Bratten). Here are place för 18 people in different room configurations. Even Styrsö Nya Missionskyrka has 15 rooms with varying facilities, where you sometimes can get offer of accommodation.

Points of interest

For many people it is enough with the intense nature experience of a walk by the sea, but some places are a little extra. We have Stora Rös, the archipelago's highest point with its bronze-age cairn. From up here you can overlook three different West Swedish landscapes and the captivating view of the mighty ocean.

At Brännholmsviken lies the Vikingakyrkogården (ancient grave yard) and the bronze-age settlement (hidden). The old seaside resort buildings at Bratten are unique and there is also the Öbergs House from 1812. The Local History Museum near the church and the Tången fishers village as well as Halsvik are places you shouldn’t miss if it is open. Bathing is possible in Uttervik, Sandvik (cliffs) and near Bratten. Some view points are marked on the map. On the sport field Amneviksvallen Stigfinnarna Styrsö BK are located.

 A swan visiting at Tången

Walking and running

It is our hope that visitors will be guided by the maps on the info sheet and stroll around, experiencing the unique nature and the archipelago environment, that you dare to deviate from the streets and with the help of our gray signs for direction can find the different favorite spots along our paths. You never have to worry about being left on the island if you do not want to, because the ferries depart from our three terminals most of the day, year around. From Bratten the boat depart for Saltholmen almost every hour from 06.00 in the morning to midnight – sometimes even earlier/later. Time table here.

For the enthusiastic hiker, who seeks challenges in more rough terrain, we dare to propose a visit to Lilla Rävholmen (Pottan) in southwest. The attentive can find the unique signature of our crown prince Gustav Adolf (deceased in a plane crash 1947) from his visit of the mighty, now disused fort. Another, a bit strenuous walk to Salskärs udde, also offers impactful nature views and finally seats to rest on by the wide Kattegatt! A nice and comfortable picnick-place when the westerly winds are strong is Kvarnberget with view over the inner fairways and Donsö.

Exercisers have three color-marked, varied and beautiful loops to choose from, whether you want to jog or walk. Two round trips are displayed on the info sheet; Red and Green, which partly cross open mountain parties with views among others towards Vinga and with prepared picnic places.

Welcome to Styrsö!

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