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Linköping’s Ekopark Association - Föreningen Linköpings Ekopark - works for the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Tinnerö Oak Landscape and for it’s development as a recreational area.

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Föreningen Linköpings Ekopark is a non-religious and apolitical non profit association. It was formed in autumn 1999 by a group of enthusiasts who were concerned about the future of a former military training area to the south of Linköping. The area not only contains well preserved remains of early Iron Age cultural landscape but is also part of a valuable oak landscape with many old oaks. Members of the association were keen to prevent unnecessary exploitation in the area.

The nature reserve "Tinnerö eklandskap" was created in 2002 and is well used by both locals and visitors to the area. The association continues to monitor developments in the area and also organise activites including guided walks.

The association is based at Fröberget, a croft in the east of the nature reserve. A number of activities regularly take place here and members help to maintain the buildings and land. Members can also adopt prehistoric sites within the area, taking care of these valuable reminders of the past.

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Föreningen Linköpings Ekopark

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