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1997, on an initiative of Kony Södring in order to document some of the many gatherings that the association conducted during the year, the film “Urshult in our hearts” was released by the local history society Gamla Urshult. The film was recorded in July 1997. The material is mainly taken from Lunnabacken and from the village cottage “Sockenstugan”. Collaborators during the gatherings were Urshult's village guild, Urshult’s housewives' association, Urshult's village council, Urshult’s LRF, Urshult’s parish and Urshult's sports association. Lennart Fröberg, chairman of the history society at that time, was narrator.

Hemvändardagen (“Retuning home day”) is annually arranged in collaboration with Urshult's parish. In the film from 1997, Sven-Albin Karlsson tells about Urshult. (Sven-Albin is the third owner generation of Urshultsbagarn (Urshult’s bakery).

Today, the fourth generation is running the company. In the afternoon, the “Returning home day” continued at

Lunnabacken, where Svea Johansson was appointed honorary crofter. (Svea issued many books about cultural history as well as older clothes, customs and traditions). At Lunnabacken, Urshult's village guild often danced. When the film was recorded, e g the “harvest dance” was actual. At that time, Urshult’s village guild had a child group as well. In the film the children performed the “ox dance”. Mats Sturesson played accordion and performed old folk songs at the Odensvalahult farm.

Hantverksdagen (“Crafts day”) is another popular event at Lunnabacken. In the film Göran Nilsson comes with a stonebreaking trolley. Early 1946 four brothers from Karatorp in Urshult constructed a stone-breaking equipment and bought a big tractor with iron wheels. After attempting some unsatisfactory working methods they invented “Karatorpsdubben”. The price to get the stones taken up and transported away was one Swedish crown per stone. Kony Södring talks about

“drängalyftet” (“the farm hand’s feat”). This strength testing was common on all farms. It was a big round stone that the boys competed for lifting.

In the film timber knot work is shown as well as how to make braided products of sedges from Lake Åsnen. It is shown how to wash before the washing machine was obtained. Different types of woodwork as well as how to graft fruit trees are shown. A barber from Tingsryd cuts hair and shaves. Fish smoking, production of hanging roof gutters and Urshult candle holders are shown. Urshult’s village guilde is co-organizer. They are dancing this day as well. Last sunday in July was “The farmer's day” with “our pets” as theme.

The village cottage opposite Urshult's church is a village museum with old fabric or paper paintings  by Klement Håkansson and Abraham Klementsson as well as Algot Svensson's camera from 1915 and several old items from the Urshult area. Today, the only remaining library in Urshult is located to the local history association Gamla Urshult’s library in the village cottage.

The “Returning home day” is still there, nowadays arranged in the church, the parish home, on “Södra ekenkajen” and in the village cottage (“sockenstugan”). The Crafts day is celebrated every year in a smaller scale at Lunnabacken. Please, see our summer program for further information.

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