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Hedemora gammelgård is a local heritage centre located on the slope of Badelunda esker towards lake Hönsan in Hedemora, the oldest city in Dalarna County, Sweden.

Association Hedemora Gammelgård was founded in 1908 and the same year the first buildings were moved from the surrounding parishes. More buildings were added and in 1915 our local heritage centre was inaugurated. The most recent building is the bakehouse, which came into place in 1998.

The free media repository Wikimedia Commons has a number of pictures of Hedemora Gammelgård, which is free to use, if information about photographer and license is provided.

Our Facebook page where you can take part of additional photos, events, etc. (in Swedish, though, but feel free to ask questions in English).

If you want you can become a member of the Association Hedemora Gammelgård. The membership fee for an individual member is SEK 150, or family SEK 300, paid into Swedish bank giro number 5132-0158. Please provide name, address and e-mail/phone number.





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