Swedish emigrants

Ancestors from Karlskoga, Bjurtjärn, Degerfors and Karlsdal

The records of the Karlskoga Heritage Society are jam-packed with information about emigrants from Karlskoga, Bjurtjarn, Degerfors and Karlsdal. From 1849 to 1935 nearly 7000 people left the Karlskoga area, sailed to the United States and fanned out over the continent. Every year descendants of these emigrants visit the archives of our Heritage Society, where archivists are ready to help them in their search for Swedish roots. The Society, in turn, seeks to learn the fate in the new country of a large number of former Karlskoga residents.
If you are making a trip to Sweden, contact the Society.
Postal and visiting address:
Karlskoga Bergslags Hembygdsforening
Centralplan 7
 E-mail address:
Hakan Karlsson
We invite you to come tell us the story of your ancestors and their emigration. We try to provide good service, guidance and help with research. Our offices are located close to the Karlskoga Tourist Office at Nya Folkets hus. Come visit!
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