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Alltidhult's School & Village Association

Alltidhult’s Village Association has the objective of safeguarding the common interests of Alltidhult and its surroundings. The Association's mission is, among other things, to engage in cultural activities in the area and, in doing so, primarily maintain a Community Centre in Alltidhult’s old school, which today is officially declared a historical monument.

The most renown pupil in Alltidhult’s school was the Nobel Laureate to be, Harry Martinson, during the school year 1913/14. Also, the first novel in the suite about the Loväng family was written here by the well-known Swedish author Sven Edvin Salje, who used the village and its surroundings as inspiration to his work.

The school's teacher apartment is the basis of a scholarship awarded annually by the association, and which can be applied for by authors and other artists, to spend a few summer weeks in the inspiring environment. When not occupied by cultural scholars, the dwelling, and also the school hall, is for rental; see Teacher's apartment, and rental conditions in English! During winter time the school is closed.

During 2019 the school is closed for renovation. No sholarship is awarded.


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